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emt classes

Top Reasons to Take EMT Classes in 2019

EMT classes are an affordable and exciting way to take the first step towards a career in emergency medical services. The EMT profession is both rewarding and exciting. There is no doubt that it takes a special person to go out there every day and save lives. EMTs respond to both medical and trauma-related emergencies […]

welfare checks

Tips for Welfare Checks for EMS Responders

Welfare checks make up a large number of calls that EMS providers respond to each year. When it comes to welfare checks, these tips can help ensure the safety of everyone involved. Check out these helpful tips for welfare checks for EMS responders. What Are Welfare Checks? Social contacts are an important part of the […]

thank 9/11 first responders

Thank 9/11 First Responders in These Meaningful Ways

How to thank 9/11 first responders is a question that plagues the minds of many Americans as the anniversary rolls around each year. As we come upon the historic September date, Americans everywhere are flooded with emotions when they think back to the horrific events from 2001. Most can remember where they were and what […]

emergency apps for preparedness

Emergency Apps for Preparedness

Emergency apps for preparedness have changed the way we react to emergencies. When nature unleashes its nasty hand, its imperative that we have notifications and supplies at our hands. Sometimes information is the most important thing we need during a disaster. Emergency apps can show us the course of a storm, emergency shelter information, what […]

Give Thanks for Emergency Responders

Emergency responders might not be on the top of your list of what your thankful for this Thanksgiving, but they should be. While most people don’t even stop to think about it, emergency responders are involved in many aspects of our safety during the holiday season. Not only do they respond to emergency calls, they […]