CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and it is a lifesaving technique that can be used in a variety of emergencies. In cases where a person has stopped breathing, CPR can sometimes help the individual escape death. You may associate CPR with a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation procedure; while you got this part right, o you know that the lifesaving technique also provides oxygenated blood to the victim’s heart and brain, and keep them alive until defibrillation can shock the heart back into a normal rhythm? Here are some more reasons explaining why being CPR Certified is an important life skill to learn:

You can save the life of a loved one

Learning how to perform CPR is extremely important if you live in the countryside which has limited access to emergency healthcare. That’s because more than 80% of cardiac arrests can happen at home. Performing CPR can make all the difference and sustain the survivability of a loved one until an ambulance arrives to transport them to the nearest hospital. You should always keep in mind that CPR is not just another useful skill that can be used at your workplace or performed by a medical professional. It is a skill that you can have to protect your loved ones.

You can impart the skill and knowledge to others

The lifespan of your CPR knowledge does not have to stay with you only. The great thing about this skill is that it’s easy to teach as it is to learn. Once you have a built strong foundation, you can show all the techniques you know to your family members, friends, spouse, and even children. You can even choose to impart your knowledge by making a simple video of a hands-only demonstration. When more individuals learn CPR, there’s a possibility that more cardiac arrest victims can receive the emergency medical attention they need before an ambulance arrives.

You have easy access to learning CPR

Today, it is possible to learn CPR via a traditional classroom setting or right at the comforts of your home through an online training program. These improved processes make it easier to learn it based on your schedule and help you in completing a full course. If you have learned CPR a few years ago, you may want to keep in mind that keeping abreast of any changes to its structure comes with great pertinence as well. So keep yourself updated with a refresher course, even if you have taken a CPR course five years ago.

Opens new doors in the working world

Whether you are a babysitter, personal trainer, dentist, social worker, sports coach, teacher, or firefighter, getting CPR certified can open the door to a new career path as well. There is a wide range of employers that regard this type of certification highly, even outside professions that are traditionally associated with it.
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