Community Emergency Response Team might not be on the top of your list of what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving, but they should be. While most people don’t even stop to think about it, emergency responders are involved in many aspects of our safety during the holiday season. Not only do they respond to emergency calls, but they also take many preventative measures to make sure everyone is safe during the busy holiday season. This Thanksgiving, take the time to spread thanks to the emergency responders in your community. Here are some reasons why emergency responders deserve our thanks this holiday.

Emergency Responders Are Selfless

Have you ever thought about what happens during a serious emergency? Take the recent shootings that have occurred all over the world lately. While most people are running for cover, making every effort to find a way out without injury, our emergency responders are doing the opposite. They bravely face dangerous situations every day without stopping to think of themselves. While others are doing everything they can to save their own lives, emergency responders will run to the aid of those injured, even if it means putting their own lives at risk. Many of us would risk our lives for the ones we love, but not all of us would risk our lives for a complete stranger. That is what emergency responders do every time they pull up to a dangerous scene.

Emergency Responders Spend Endless Hours Planning

The holidays are the busiest time of year. People are traveling, shopping, and participating in holiday traditions throughout the entire world. As many gather in large crowds to celebrate the holidays, emergency responders have spent endless hours planning measures to keep crowds safe. Take Black Friday, for example. Crowds of shoppers stand outside stores waiting for them to open so they can get the hottest deals while they are still available. In some cases, people get into fights, people get knocked down from the crowd, and emergencies happen. Before those incidents even occur, your local emergency responders have spent a lot of time making plans to try to prevent these situations. Figuring out how many extra responders to put on duty, surveying the area to see what safety precautions can be put in place, and responding to these unfortunate emergencies are just some ways emergency responders keep us safe during the holidays.

Families Sacrifice, Too

If you are lucky enough, you don’t have to work on the holidays. As you are sitting with your family, there are emergency responders somewhere who are putting in long shifts on the holiday to make sure your community is safe. Emergencies can strike at any time, and danger doesn’t take a break to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas. While emergency responders make the sacrifice to work on the holiday, their families are sacrificing too. Many Community Emergency Response Team members have spouses, children, parents, and other family members who don’t get to enjoy their company because they are working. While it isn’t easy to miss your family on these important days, most families of first responders understand their need to work. But, it doesn’t make them being away from it any easier.

They Get Tired

Of course, we all get tired but think about the long shifts that emergency responders take on. Many of them work odd hours. They work twelve-hour shifts early in the morning. Although they might be off work, they are both mentally and physically tired. Since emergency responders often see tragic events, stress can do a number on their minds and body. When they have a day off, they often have to catch up on missed sleep. So, they don’t get to enjoy life’s moments as often as others do. Emergency responders are heroes, but heroes get tired too.

This Thanksgiving, as you gather around your dinner table to have a nice, hot meal, think about all the things that you appreciate in life. Somewhere in your list, take the time to think about your emergency responders. Their brave efforts, daily sacrifices, and expert knowledge keep us safe every day of the year. As you are giving thanks to them, chances are there is a Community Emergency Response Team out there who is giving thanks for the community they proudly serve through their EMS career. There’s a lot of thanks to going around.