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Tips on Health and Safety

5 Things to Know About CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, also known as CPR, increases a person’s chance of survival in emergency situations. You may be certified in CPR, know someone who is, or are simply interested in it after seeing local advertisements for CPR classes. Statistics show that effectively performing CPR can double a person’s chance of survival. Here are five things […]

What Are EMS Specialties?

Specialty certifications are a major part of the healthcare industry. Just think about all the different areas of healthcare and you will understand the need for specialty services. And, EMS is no different when it comes to this need. As technology continues to advance, more EMS specialties emerge to handle new equipment, new treatments, and […]

10 Common First Aid Misconceptions

With the internet at our fingertips, most non-medically trained people jump on their phones to search what to do in case of an emergency. Whether you are helping someone with a bee sting or trying to stop a nosebleed, it is important to dispel the first aid myths that have been circulating for years. When […]

What Are Emergency Procedures in a Fitness Environment

A fitness environment, such as a gym or a personal training facility, is at risk of a variety of different emergencies occurrences. Accidents, injuries, medical conditions, and slips, trips, and falls on gym equipment can result in the need for first aid treatment. Because of the increased risk of injury in this type of environment, […]

What are Emergency Services?

We often hear people referring to the term emergency services in various ways. In general, the term is used loosely because it covers a variety of different careers, facilities, and resources that deal with emergency situations. In in broadest definition, emergency services are organizations that are designated to address public safety and health in emergency […]

How Emergency Services Personnel Cope with Trauma

When someone signs on to move into a career in emergency services, they are undertaking a unique and often difficult feat. Coming face to face with trauma on a daily basis is inevitable. It is part of the job that emergency service workers sign up for. They look violence and death in the eye every […]

The Difference Between EMTs and Paramedics

As the careers of emergency responders have become a hot topic throughout Hollywood, appearing in such popular shows as Chicago Med, Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD, the roll of EMTs and Paramedics have gained considerable attention. In many cases, they are first on the scene. Uniformed, trained responders who just to the aid […]

The Life of an EMT

While deciding to pursue a career as an EMT may not be the highest paying job, the rewards that go with the position often level out the playing field in the eyes of those that practice. While most people know that EMTs aid in saving lives, many people don’t understand what goes into the day […]

First Aid for New Parents

Safety is a very important issue when there are small children living in your household. As a parent, you will need to protect your children from all potential dangers and take the necessary steps to ensure a safe environment within your home. Unfortunately, accidents may still occur even if you have done your best to […]

Spring Safety Tips

As each new season arises, the elements of the weather and the traditions of the season leave us with different safety precautions and tips to consider. Although it may seem that the greater risks are behind us as we move away from the potentially dangerous weather we had faced in winter, spring has its own […]