Great American Smoke Out – Pledge to Quit Smoking – Tips to Help you Quit Smoking

Smoking is a nasty, dirty habit that harms us as well as those around us. Not only are you harming yourself, but you can cause other people to have health-related issues as well. As a result, this is not some harmless, enjoyable activity, but it harms you as well as your community members.

Why smoking is a bad habit.

Using cigarettes is a nasty habit. Not only is it dirty, but it is bad for your health. Even worse, it harms those around us because the smoke vapor does not just go into our lungs, it goes all around you.

This nasty habit is bad for our health.

Being a smoker causes numerous health problems of which cancer is only one of them. To say it is bad for our health is a gross understatement. It can cause so many fatal diseases that its guaranteed to shorten your life.

This nasty habit is bad for those around you.

Harming ourselves by being a smoker is bad enough, but it harms others as well. The exhaust from being a smoker contains over seven thousand chemicals about one percent of which may cause cancer. We are forcing those around us to breathe this in as well. Be kind to your neighbor. When smoking in public use designated areas.

The benefits of quitting this habit.

Because this habit is so bad for our health and those around us, the benefits of quitting are numerous. While some of the problems caused by smoking do not completely go away, they are reduced greatly. Our bodies do have the amusing ability to heal given enough time. Quit smoking as early as possible is greatly beneficial in allowing enough time for the healing process to occur.

End being a smoker is good for your health.

When we stop being a smoker, there are health benefits. Smokers routinely inhale toxins and carcinogens, when we stopped using cigarettes our bodies have a chance to heal improving health. While it may not completely heal the damage, it will greatly reduce the damage, adding years to our lives.

End being a smoker is good for those around you.

When you stop being a smoker, You are no longer putting those toxins and carcinogens into the air. This is very good for the health of those around us as well as ourselves.

Tips to quit smoking.

Because nicotine is highly addictive, it can be hard to stop being a smoker. Because as a smoker you are addicted, you will need to manage how you quit. So here are ten tips to quit smoking.

1. Decide on a plan and stick with it.
2. Get support from someone else to help.
3. Eliminate things that trigger lighting up.
4. Plan ahead for situations that will cause you to light up.
5. Give yourselves some time to change our habits.
6. Embrace the quitting process of overcoming tobacco. Go all in.
7. Realize that occasional slip-ups are okay, particularly early on.
8. Change your routine to avoid the habit of lighting up.
9. Patience with yourselves & realizing this is a process.
10. Keep the effort going regardless of your failures.

The simple fact is being a smoker is a nasty and unhealthy habit. If you will not quit for yourself, you should quit for loved ones, particularly your children. Not only will being a smoker send us to an early grave, but it could influence your children to smoke later on in life as well. Parents are not only just role models but tend to be the foundation for their children and grandchildren, let’s not forget this. Pledge to quit and start the process today!

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