Many institutions are adopting the use of technology to make their practices easier, this includes the medical industry. Hospitals are now embracing software that allows them to digitize and store all medical records electronically. This move is increasingly becoming popular thanks to its many benefits. Here are 5 advantages of electronic medical records.

1. Better Quality Care

Many times patients misread the handwriting on a prescription and end up with a wrong dosage. Electronic records allow the pharmacy and the doctor to communicate directly, reducing the risk of error and increasing patient safety.

Additionally, doctors can easily keep tabs on their patients’ progress and set reminders for checkups. This ensures that the doctor is kept on his toes and subsequently improves the quality of care the patient receives.

2. Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Medical practitioners no longer have to spend hours on the phone to get medical information from another hospital or storage files. Since the information is available on a click of a button, the risk of missing crucial information or misplacing folders is reduced to a minimum.

Also, the fact that doctors can quickly transfer patient information to different departments and even to a different medical practice is a plus. The doctor attending the patient will have up-to-date information in a matter of minutes, allowing for proper diagnosis. Such a records system is especially helpful in an emergency, e.g., a car accident where the patient is in critical condition.

3. Saves Time for Both Doctors and Patients

The fact that patients can easily key in their symptoms through their online hospital portal saves them time otherwise spent filing paperwork in the doctor’s office. They can also chat with their doctor and update them on their healing process and the side effects of the medication.

This makes it easier for the doctor to schedule a follow-up or give alternative prescriptions without physically seeing the patient. All in all, precious time is saved on both ends, and the easy access to the doctor allows for a closer professional relationship.

4. Saves a Lot of Space

Previously, medics had to employ extra hands to help them sort through files and arrange them in a way they deemed fit. Now that the process is electronic, there is less need for extra employees. Also, the productivity of the present employees is improved substantially.

Since hospitals attend a considerable number of people a day, keeping individual files took up a lot of space. This space can now be useful for storing medical supplies or any other thing.

5. Financial Incentives

Taking into account the massive amount of capital you need to successfully integrate electronic medical records software, the government has made various financial incentives available to aid in recouping the investments.

So by purchasing the required equipment and hiring and training personnel to operate it, hospitals and public practices can qualify for various financial incentives that are very beneficial in the growth of their facility.


There are more advantages of electronic medical records that are not in this article. Since the benefits are uncountable, more and more practices are embracing this piece of technology. It helps improve the care given to the patients and saves the doctor time and money.

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