Halloween safety tips are an excellent reminder of things you can do to prevent accidents and injuries. Kids love the magic of Halloween. And so do many adults! What’s not to love? There’s trick-or-treating, classroom parties, community activities, and lots and lots of candy! And once the kids are settled, it’s time for the adults to have fun.

The concern about Halloween from the perspective of emergency medical responders is that there is a fine line between Halloween fun and safety concerns. Of course, we want the kids to be excited and have a blast as they dress up and celebrate. And, we want the adults to let loose and enjoy themselves too. But all too often, Halloween as an emergency responder is filled with calls to respond to accidents or injuries that could have been easily prevented.

Traffic incidents, fall injuries, burns, and other non-accident-related injuries happen every year at this time. Lack of visibility, low lighting, and wearing Halloween costumes that aren’t safe all contribute to these unfortunate calls. We want you to be safe this Halloween. That’s why we’re taking a few minutes to talk about the most important Halloween safety tips so you can enjoy your holiday rather than spend it in the emergency room.

Costume Safety Tips

Costume safety tips pertain to both children and adults. Before Halloween arrives, make sure you choose a costume that doesn’t pose any safety hazards. Unfortunately, children are two times more likely to be hit by a car, and even killed on Halloween, than any other day of the year! The American Academy of Pediatrics compiled a list of Halloween safety tips to help you keep your kids safe on Halloween and avoid serious safety incidents.

  • Make sure all elements of your Halloween costume are fire-resistant. This includes the actual costume, wigs, and accessories.
  • Avoid masks. They can obstruct vision and cause you not to see an oncoming car when stepping out into the road. Instead, opt for face paint.
  • If your child is outside after dark, take advantage of reflective tape. This can adhere to their costumes and trick-or-treat bags. Adding glow sticks can enhance their safety and be fun for the kids.
  • Check your child’s Halloween makeup before doing them up. Make sure you choose non-toxic make-up. A couple of days before Halloween, test their skin by applying makeup in a small area. If they are allergic, this will help avoid a major reaction.
  • Speaking of makeup. Make sure you remove it before the kids go to bed. This can help prevent skin and eye irritation.

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating

In addition to costume safety, it’s important to take extra measures to keep the kids safe while they are trick-or-treating. There are many safety concerns when it comes to trick-or-treating. That’s why many organizations have implemented trunk-or-treat events as a safe alternative. If your children still participate in traditional trick-or-treating, take advantage of these helpful Halloween safety tips.

  • All children should be accompanied around the neighborhood by an adult.
  • If you give older children permission to go out on their own, plan their route ahead of time and make sure it is acceptable to you.
  • Agree on a specific time that children need to be home. Ensure they have some form of communication so you can keep in contact.
  • Talk to your younger children about stranger danger. Teach them that they should never enter a stranger’s home or go off in a car with a stranger.
  • Create a buddy system. Children should always stick with the group. While an adult should be nearby, they should be instructed to stick with their friends in case they somehow get separated.
  • You should also talk about trying to stay in areas that are well-lit.
  • Do not let your children eat any of their candy until they return home. An adult should inspect the candy before children are allowed to touch it.
  • Although kids should be equipped with electronic devices for communication purposes, remind them that they should put them down while they are out and about. They should keep their heads up at all times, avoid running because of the added trip hazards and vehicle safety issues and be extra careful with crossing the street.

Safety Tips for Drivers

Parents and kids aren’t the only ones who should brush up on their Halloween safety tips. Driving on Halloween night can be a challenge. There are many extra precautions you should take to ensure you don’t end up involved in an unfortunate accident. Halloween safety tips for drivers pertain to anyone on the road during trick-or-treat hours.

  • Pay extra attention to children walking on the sidewalks, streets, and curbs. Be proactive in case a child falls into the street or jumps out without looking.
  • Enter and exit driveways and alleys carefully. Look more than once to be sure you are clear to go.
  • As the sun goes down, watch for children wearing dark clothing. They may be difficult to spot and if they jump out into the road, you can easily hit them without seeing them.
  • If you have a new driver in the house, try to encourage them to stay home on Halloween. Navigating the road can be particularly difficult for inexperienced drivers, especially with all the distractions.

Halloween is a fun time of year. But, extra Halloween safety tips are important to make sure you don’t end up in a preventable accident. When you follow these tips you can ensure that your Halloween is filled with fun, and that’s what the holiday is all about!