As technology advances, so does medicine. But, who would have thought that the simple installation of an application on your phone can lead to saving a person’s life. That is exactly where technology has brought us, as we can rely on the help of those around us during emergency situations. In our ever-advancing world, doctors, nurses, and emergency professionals can run to the aid of those in need, whether they are on duty or off duty, with an alert from their phone.A Variety of EmergenciesNot only are these applications available to assist individuals when they have a medical emergency, the variety of resources continues to grow as phones can stream alerts for bad weather, traffic conditions, local news, and more! Years ago, individuals were advised to save a phone number under their contacts as “ICE.” This acronym stands for “in case of emergency” and was meant to be reserved for the point of contact that should be notified if someone found you unresponsive, with your phone, in an emergency. Since then, the resources available have become endless. From Medical ID apps to disaster alerts and family locators to panic buttons, ensuring the safety of yourself and those you love has become as easy as a free download.What Is Available?Looking to set up your family with some extra safety precautions? Take some time to research the different applications available that can be helpful. Here are you some great applications available to get you started:
  • Medical ID- This provides medical information that can be important in the case of emergency such as medications used and medical conditions, as well as allergies.
  • Bugle- This is great application available to help your family locate you in the case of an emergency. It alerts your family if you haven’t checked into a planned destination.
  • Family Locator- This basically works as a tracker to keep records of friends and family so everyone knows where you are a given time.
  • The Red Panic Button- This application sends a message to any email or phone number if you press the button during an emergency. This is also GPS based, so it is available to be used anywhere to find you.
  • Siren GPS- This is like the red panic button where it sends an SOS with the press of a button. The difference is that it contacts 911 and sends your location to police and other emergency responders.
  • Disaster Alert- If you live in an area prone to natural disaster or severe weather, this app gives early warnings of active hazards in your area. Storms, earthquakes, floods, fires, etc. are disasters that you would be notified to prepare properly.
Since emergency can strike at any time, and most individuals don’t leave home without their smart phones, installing one of these beneficial applications on your phone can be the difference between life or death, or, in the least, prevent unneeded damage to your belongings and yourself.