Halloween is an exciting time for your young ones. Picking out the perfect costume, trick-or-treating, and then eating all that candy are exciting events for your children. As a parent, safety should be your number one priority when planning for Halloween night. From your child’s costume to their trick-or-treat route, you want to ensure your child is safe while they are having all that fun. Here are some safety tips for your family this Halloween.

Costume Safety

Sure, your kid wants to have the coolest costume, but you need to ensure they are safe when dressing up. Plan to choose a costume that is bright. One of the biggest mistakes parents make for Halloween is allowing their children to wear dark costumers. These can be difficult for drivers to see in the dark and result in unwanted injuries from motor vehicles. If your child insists on having a dark costume, add some reflective tape or striping to increase visibility. In addition to color, costumes should fit properly. Make sure your child’s costume is short enough to prevent tripping.

Masks can limit vision. Consider safer alternatives like non-toxic makeup to avoid blocking your child’s eyesight. Make sure all costumes, wigs, and accessories are labeled as flame resistant. If your child’s costume has a sword, cane, or other accessory, make sure it isn’t sharp. In addition to ensuring your child has a costume that is safe, review how to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency.

Safety with Carving Pumpkins

Do you have a holiday tradition that involves carving pumpkins? Make sure you practice safety tips with pumpkin carving as well. Small children should never be allowed to carve their own pumpkin. If they want to do independent work, encourage them to draw their design. If you plan to light up your carved pumpkin, choose a glow stick or flashlight instead of a candle. If you are using a candle, be sure your pumpkin is placed away from anything that could catch fire. Place your pumpkin on a sturdy table and make sure it is never left unattended with the candle lit.

Trick-Or-Treat Safety

The most important safety precautions should be taken on your trick-or-treat trail. Young children should always be accompanied by an adult when walking around neighborhoods. Be sure everyone is carrying flashlights with fresh batteries. If older children are going out alone, make sure there is an acceptable, detailed route planned with a curfew.

Children should only go to homes that are well lit. They should never enter a home when trick-or-treating. Walk in groups. Have children and adults walking wear reflective tape or carry flashlights. Always use the sidewalk and try to pick streets that are known to be well lit. Carry a cell phone that is properly charged for quick communication in the event of an emergency. If you notice any suspicious activity, law enforcement authorities should be notified immediately.

Halloween should be fun for the entire family! By following these important safety tips, you can ensure your children will be safe and secure while enjoying their Halloween activities.