emergency apps for preparedness
Emergency apps for preparedness have changed the way we react to emergencies. When nature unleashes its nasty hand, its imperative that we have notifications and supplies at our hands. Sometimes information is the most important thing we need during a disaster. Emergency apps can show us the course of a storm, emergency shelter information, what dangers to watch for, and how to call for help.Here’s a list of the best apps available for disaster preparedness:

1.      Zello

Zello is a digital walkie talkie app that emulates a walkie talkie with lightning fast PTT. During emergencies, you can join chats instantly with other people who are discussing the same topics.

2.      ICE Standard

The ICE standard app allows users to fill out medical information so first responders know how to treat them in the event of an emergency. Information can include insurance, medical conditions, medications, and blood type.

3.      GasBuddy

GasBuddy is good all year, but especially when disaster strikes. After all, you can’t get anywhere without a tank of gas. GasBuddy helps you locate the nearest working gas pump despite weather and congestion.

4.      Red Cross

The popular relief organization has an app that gives you information on basic first aid and pet first aid. They also have specific apps for the latest alerts on specific disasters. You can also download vital information to your phone that you can access if the cell towards are down.

5.      FEMA App

FEMA has a wealth of information for dealing with all sorts of disasters. They share information through their app about shelter locations and a feature that allows the public to post pictures for first responders.

6.      Facebook Safety Check

Keep your friends and family stress-free with the Facebook Safety Check-in feature. This allows you to check on family members or check-in to let them know you are safe in a disaster.

7.      Life360

Life360 is a great app for families to track movements and automatically send texts to those looking to know when you have reached your destination. Parents can also keep an eye on their children with this app.Being prepared during an emergency is important for many reasons. Not only can you keep track of family members, you can gather important information to keep everyone safe and have access to important resources when disaster strikes. With emergency preparedness apps you can be one your toes when an emergency occurs.