Parades, concerts, and political rallies are just some events that draw a large crowd. Putting aside the excitement of the event, there are many things to consider when an event is planned that is expected to draw a large crowd. There is a great deal of planning that goes into preparing for a large event, but crowd management and safety procedures are the most important thing to consider before the big day. The Planning Stage It is not just about what color scheme, theme, and marketing materials you will choose. Businesses, parade boards, and other management teams need to serious consider what health and safety procedures are necessary dependent on how many people they are expecting to attend. Proper safety management systems should be set in place to reduce hazards. Planning to have enough security, fire, and police personnel on scene is one of the most important things to consider. Additional staff and training may also be necessary. Public safety requirements sometimes require permits be pulled and limitations be set on maximum capacity. A person or a team should be designated to contact emergency service should an incident arise. Visible signs indicating exits and entrances should be properly marked. An emergency plan for overcrowding, crowd rushing, fire, and violence must also be considered. Crowd management and emergency plan training can require additional assistance from emergency personnel. Be sure to talk to your local fire, police, and emergency personnel about what steps to take to provide proper training to staff. The Setup Stage Consider the space you are planning to work with for the event. The space or area should be properly measured to determine the appropriate number of barricades that need to be set up. Barricades should have necessary breaks to allow crowds to get through in the event of an emergency. Having an operating radio system is also an important thing to consider. Make sure any staff involved knows the limitations that are set in place for safety precautions. Exit and entrance signs need to be properly marked. Talk to an emergency professional about safety standards are set in place for determining the proper number of entrance and exit signs that should be available. Remind staff and volunteers of any maximum capacity limitations that have been set in place. The Kick-Off Properly informing all staff and volunteers of when the event has started is important. Police, fire, and emergency personnel should be positioned at designated spots. Invest in bullhorns to help with crowd control. Emergency management procedures should be considered for entrances. It is important to consider that certain rules are set in place for those with disabilities and need to be followed precisely. Keep egresses open and be sure exit doors are not blocked. An emergency procedure should be set in place to determine who will oversee calling in an emergency should one arise. First Aid kits and AED devices should be on scene and someone properly trained in using an AED and administering CPR should be available. One of the most important parts of planning an event is determining what safety procedures need to be set in place so that all those in attendance are safe. When crowds develop, emergencies could occur at any time. From violence to fire or medical emergencies, being prepared is the best way to prevent a catastrophe. Talk to your local emergency personnel about what steps you can take to be sure all those in attendance are safe.